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William Faulkner (1897 – 1962)

Nationality: American Periods: American: 20th Century

Yoknapatawpha County, southern writer, Mississippi writer of The Sound and the Fury and As I Lay Dying

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Criticism about William Faulkner

Exercises in Doom: Yoknapatawpha County Weddings
Compares the weddings in Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury, The Hamlet, Absalom, Absalom! , and The Unvanquished.
Author: Leslie Jean Campbell
From: Arkansas Philological Association Publications 4:2 (1978):2-7
Faulkner and Racism
“But what for Faulkner is most haunting is not the communal psychology of war so much as the agonizing recognition of the exacting expenses of racism, for him the most difficult and most grievous awareness of all. Racism spreads contagiously through his works, unavoidably. Its force is often debilitating; its consequences often beyond reckoning openly. The plain recognition of racism is hardest to bear and yet most necessary to confront.”
Contains: Commentary, Criticism
Author: Kinney, Arthur F.
Keywords: William Faulkner, race, racism, racial issues, African-Americans
A Faulkner Bibliography: General Works
This site contains a bibliography of general sources about William Faulkner and his work.
Contains: Bibliography
Faulkner’s Short Stories (by Title)
“I’ve included here all of Faulkner’s published fiction shorter than novel length that do not appear as a constituent part of a novel. Hence, for example, the short story “Go Down, Moses,” which was first published in Collier’s in 1941, will be listed here, whereas “Was,” the short story that opens the novel Go Down, Moses and which was never published elsewhere, will not be listed.”
Contains: Commentary, Criticism, Works List
Keywords: William Faulkner, short stories
People, Places, and Events: A Faulkner Glossary
“Collected here are brief definitions, descriptions, and additional information about the major characters, places, and other events in Faulkner’s fiction. “
Contains: Commentary
Teaching Faulkner Newsletter Archive
This journal published by the Center of Faulkner Studies contains articles and essays to assist in the teaching of William Faulkner through all levels of schooling.
Contains: Criticism
Keywords: William Faulkner, teach, journal, articles
William Faulkner Additional Resources
This site contains additional resources for William Faulkner studies. The site is broken down into Novels and Short Stories and Other Works.
Contains: Commentary, Criticism
Keywords: William Faulkner, links
William Faulkner Bibliographies
This site by John Padgett at the University of Mississippi contains an extensive bibliography on William Faulkner broken down into several categories.
Contains: Commentary, Bibliography, Works List
William Faulkner’s Novels
This site contains links to information on William Faulkner’s novels, with varying levels of detail for each novel.
Contains: Commentary, Criticism
Keywords: William Faulkner, novels
A Yoknapatawpha Timeline
“Here you will find a history of Yoknapatawpha County, including births, deaths, other significant events in Yoknapatawpha County, and historical events not limited to Faulkner’s apocryphal county.”
Contains: Commentary, Criticism
Keywords: William Faulkner, fictional chronology

Biographical sites about William Faulkner

William Faulkner
This page, part of The University of Mississippi’s Mississippi Writers Pages, gives extensive details about the life of William Faulkner and includes links of other sites.
Contains: Full Bio, Pictures, Webliography
Keywords: William Faulkner, life, history, biography
William Faulkner
This site designed by the Nobel Foundation gives a biographical sketch about the life of William Faulkner.
Contains: Sketch
Keywords: William Faulkner, life, history, biography
William Faulkner Chronology
This site contains a chronolgy of William Faulkner’s life.
Contains: Timeline
Keywords: William Faulkner, life, history, biography

Other sites about William Faulkner

William Faulkner: Nobel Prize Speech
This site contains William Faulkner’s acceptance speech for the 1949 Nobel Prize for Literature.
Contains: Interview, Awards

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