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John Glassco (1909 – 1981)

Nationality: Canadian Periods: Canadian: 20th Century

Poet, novelist, translator

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Criticism about John Glassco

Compass of the Catoptric Past: John Glassco, Translator
“Such is the tension, ‘the darkness and the distance,’ which all translators must experience–between speech and silence, signifier and signified. It is on this middle ground that Glassco’s translation of his own vision and that of other poets come together. As a maker of elegiac word-analogies ‘caught / Between silence and the failure of any words,’ Glassco was ideally suited to the invaluable, futile, and costly craft of literary translation. The following words, as justly as they can, will suggest that he practised that craft with courage and skill, with a success proportionate to the silence and distance he came to evoke and diminish.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Camille R. La Bossière
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 13
John Glassco: The Canadian Wordsworth
“John Glassco would have wanted to be remembered primarily as a poet.”
Contains: Sketch, Criticism
Author: John Burnett
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 13
Troubled Joy: Style and Syntax in Glassco’s Poetry
“Glassco creates voices which judge and evaluate their world without being caught up by it and without merely being swept along with it. The final result is a poem which is closed in form, balanced in structure, and aesthetically detached from the natural world and its mutability: artifice shapes, forms and harmonizes the natural world which is, for Glassco, antithetical to art.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Ed Jewinski
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 13

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