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Robert Graves (1895 – 1985)

Nationality: British Periods: British: 20th Century

a famous World War I poet and author of I, Claudius

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Criticism about Robert Graves

(Im)proper Wife: Robert Graves= Wife to Mr Milton
“As a novelist, Robert Graves is probably best known for his reconstructions of turning points in the history of the Roman Empire (the Empire at its height in the “Claudius novels,” and at its fall in Count Belisarius), of Christianity (King Jesus), of the Republican interlude in seventeenth century England (Wife to Mr Milton). As the filter of the narration in these texts is always a specific historical subject –either the protagonist (as in I, Claudius, Claudius the God and Wife to Mr Milton) or an eye-witness (e.g. in Count Belisarius)–the conventions of (auto)biographical writing are employed as much as those of the historical novel, and I therefore prefer to call them “fictional (auto)biographies of historical characters.”
Contains: Commentary, Criticism
Author: Lucia Boldrini
Philosophical Speculations: Mock Beggar Hall, Welchman’s Hose, and Poetic Unreason
“Under the influence of Mallik and his new philosophical direction, Graves became preoccupied with the contrariety manifested in human experience and with the need to find a synthesis. Sometimes these contradictions are resolved in familiar antimaterialist, antirationalist, and relativist attitudes echoed in the theories of Einstein (Pettet 217), but in many cases the posing of the problems acts simply as an intellectual puzzle which must have aided Graves to escape from his continuing psychological and marital difficulties. The most typical poem in the volume, “Antinomies,” makes this point clear. “
Contains: Commentary, Criticism
Author: Patrick Quinn
Sex, Lies, and Nietzsche According to Robert Graves
“It would be very easy for a late twentieth century reader, especially one well versed in the secondary literature on Friedrich Nietzsche, to denigrate Graves= short essay on the German philosopher. Originally published in Epilogue I, (1935-37) ANietzsche@ contains almost none of the distinguishing characteristics of most commentary written on Nietzsche since the Second World War: it contains no technical terminology, no mention of Nietzsche=s cardinal philosophical concepts, no extended references to the history of ideas, and no polemics against other commentators. Graves= essay must be one of the least philosophically erudite essays to appear on Nietzsche in the last seventy-five years; its sophistication lies elsewhere. “
Contains: Commentary, Criticism
Author: Richard Schumaker

Biographical sites about Robert Graves

Biography of Robert Graves
“Robert Graves, born a little over a hundred years ago, is one of our century’s most versatile and original writers. Equally at home in poetry, fiction, and many forms of non-fiction, Grave’s life serves as an example of continuing self-renewal and his work addresses the most agonizing problems of the twentieth century. “
Contains: Full Bio
Keywords: life, history, biography
Robert Graves
Provides a brief biographical sketch of the poet, and the full text of several poems.
Contains: Sketch, Bibliography, Webliography, Pictures
Author: Academy of American Poets
Robert Graves’s Life and Career
This biography of Robert Graves is taken from the homepage of the Robert Graves Society.
Contains: Sketch
Keywords: life, history, biography

Other sites about Robert Graves

Robert Graves Archive
“This is the home page of the Robert Graves Archive. This site draws together a number of scholarly resources available online for the study of the poet and novelist Robert Graves, as well as some items of less critical importance. One of its functions is to map and archive Robert Graves reference and quotation on the web.”
Contains: Bibliography, Criticism, Full Bio

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