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Leigh Hunt (1784 – 1859)

Nationality: British Periods: British: 19th Century

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Criticism about Leigh Hunt

The Cockney Politics of Gender — the Cases of Hunt and Keats
“In this essay, I shall examine how Cockney writers — chiefly Leigh Hunt and John Keats — adopted and appropriated ubiquitous gendered language in order to legitimise their bourgeois poetics and politics.”
Contains: Criticism,
Author: Ayumi Mizukoshi
From: Romanticism on the Net Vol. 14 May 1999
The Landors, Leigh Hunt, De Quincey
This lengthy analysis of the authors’ lives and works includes sections on “Walter Savage Landor�s prose and verse”, “His classicism “, “Leigh Hunt�s influence” and “De Quincey�s mastery in ornate prose.”
Contains: Extensive Bio, Criticism, Bibliography
Author: George Saintsbury
From: The Cambridge History of English and American Literature Volume XII: English, The Romantic Revival, The Nineteenth Century, I
Leigh Hunt’s Cockney School: The Lakers’ ‘Other’
“Childishness and vulgarity, affection and artificiality, perversity and plebeian inspiration, blasphemy and disease–these were to be some of the key terms used by Blackwood’s and others as they attacked the Cockney School.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Jeffrey N. Cox
From: Romanticism on the Net Vol. 14 May 1999
‘The Wit in the Dungeon’: Leigh Hunt and the Insolent Politics of Cockney Coteries
“The outlandish coterie gatherings in Hunt’s cell during the two-year period of his incarceration for political libel (3 February 1813-3 February 1815) are usually dismissed as part of an amusing but rather trivial and dilettantish literary legend. I would like to reassess that fantastic scene in the dungeon, suggesting how its activities helped foster a group identity and a cultural project that strongly affected the course of Romanticism in the early nineteenth century while establishing an important model of progressive gender relations among the period’s second generation of writers.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Greg Kucich
From: Romanticism on the Net Vol. 14 May 1999

Biographical sites about Leigh Hunt

Leigh Hunt
Brief piography, with a picture.
Contains: Sketch, Pictures
Author: John Simkin
From: Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia: British History, 1700-1950 http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/Britain.html

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