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Irving Layton (1912 – )

Nationality: Canadian
Born: Romanian
Periods: Canadian: 20th Century

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Criticism about Irving Layton

From Apocalypse to Black Mountain: the Contexts of Layton’s Early Criticism
“In this essay, I have examined Layton’s criticism in the contexts of prominent developments in poetry and criticism during the decade that followed World War II.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Erwin Wiens
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 16
Irving Layton, Pseudo-Prophet: A Reappraisal
“Irving Layton experienced a mingling of scorn and neglect in his earlier years as a poet. He responded to this aggressively, publishing in poems, letters and essays, violent and personal attacks on those who criticized his vision and craftsmanship. Anyone ignorant of those earlier years might imagine that he had always been favoured. Those who know the earlier story usually see him as triumphing over the opposition, getting himself recognised and read through the sheer power of his talent. For the casual or superficial observer either notion is excusable. What name in Canadian poetry looms larger than Layton’s?”
Author: Peter Hunt
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 1

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Irving Layton .com
Semi-official site, with biography, photographs, links, and bibliography.
Contains: Full Bio, Obituary, Pictures, Bibliography, Webliography,
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