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Jack London (1876 – 1916)

Nationality: American
Born: American
Periods: American: 20th Century

Author of White Fang and Call of the Wild

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The Call of the Wild

The Sea-Wolf

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Criticism about Jack London

The Philosophy of Jack London
Explores the philosophies of the men that London claimed were his main influences, and places London within a larger social/historical context.
Contains: Commentary, Criticism,
Author: Joseph Sciambra
Keywords: Herbert Spencer, David Starr Jordan, John Tyndall, Karl Marx

Biographical sites about Jack London

Jack London on the Great War
Author has compiled a number of excerpts from Jack London’s writings in newspapers and magazines during World War I, in order to present some insights into what London thought of the Great War.
Contains: Commentary, Sketch
Author: Michael E. Hanlon
Keywords: World War I, Great War
The Jack London Online Collection
Site offers a biographical info and trivia about London, as well as numerous links to primary sources, student and teacher resources, bibliographies and research aids, and images.
Contains: Full Bio, Pictures, Timeline, Webliography, Bibliography, Works List
From: Sonoma State University Library
John Griffiths London
Biography of Jack London, written with much attention to his place in history and the development of his writing.
Contains: Extensive Bio,
Author: Dr. Clarice Stasz
Keywords: California, Yukon
The Life of Jack London as Reflected in his Works
Essay on London which describes how “by carefully sorting through his works, it is possible to trace his emotional and literary development through the characters in his stories and the way they react with their environment.”
Contains: Extensive Bio, Commentary, Criticism
Author: Murray Lundberg
Keywords: “The Call of the Wild”, “The White Silence”, “The Mexican”, “The Red One”
The Rise and Fall of Jack London in Poland, 1909-1993
Explores the history of London’s publications in Poland, ” the reasons for London’s amazing popularity and sudden decline with the public, and analyzes the underlying forces in his chilly critical reception in the Polish academy.”
Contains: Timeline, Commentary, Criticism, Bibliography,
Author: Dr. Ron Carter

Other sites about Jack London

The Jack London Online Collection
Comprehensive site that provides extensive biographical information about London and key people in his life. Also includes access to many of London’s writings, including novels, short stories, essays, newspaper pieces, and other personal documents (letters, official documents). Presents resources for students and teachers, with bibliographies and research aids.
Author: Tennant, Roy and Clarice Stasz
From: Sonoma State University Library
Access Restrictions:
The World of Jack London on the Web
Contains information on all aspects of London’s life and works, but is especially meaningful for the links to extended commentary and essays about the Londons writing.
Author: Hartzell, Dave (webmaster)
From: Sonoma State University Library
Access Restrictions:

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