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Nonnus of Panopolis (ca 5th century AD – ca 5th century AD)

Nationality: Greek
Born: Egyptian
Periods: Greek: Classical

Greek epic poet of the Roman period

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Paraphrase of the Holy Gospel of John

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Criticism about Nonnus of Panopolis

R.F. Newbold discusses sixteen academic articles on Nonnus.
Author: Newbold, R.F.
Access Restrictions:
Flights of Fancy in Nonnus and J.M. Barrie
“Associated with the central figures of Nonnus’ and Barrie’s works, Dionysus and Peter Pan, are such themes of infantile psychology as the omnipotent child warrior, the narcissistic, self-preoccupied exploiter of others, and gender ambiguity. Common to the works as a whole are similarly archaic features and emotions such as the spontaneous generation of life, fantasies of flight, ambivalence towards the mother, denial of or ignorance of sex, and a craving for immortality. These features, together with urethral eroticism, which often manifests as bedwetting, and a preoccupation with fire and water comprise the syndrome known as Icarianism, named after Icarus, the high-flying son of Daedalus. Icarianism can operate at different levels, in a primitive, egocentric, child-like way, through to a sublimated, spiritual and creative display that inspires and uplifts others.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: R.F.Newbold
From: Electronic Antiquity Vol. 3 no. 5 October 1996

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