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Tim O’Brien (1946 – )

Nationality: American Periods: American: 20th Century

Winner of the National Book Award in 1979 for Going after Cacciato

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The Things They Carried

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Criticism about Tim O’Brien

Plausibility of Denial: Tim O’Brien, My Lai, and America
“Tim O’Brien has been involved in both of these national achievements. His contribution to the antiwar movement–writing antiwar editorials for his college newspaper and later ringing doorbells for Eugene McCarthy in 1968–had no great immediate effect, even on himself, for he then marched off to fight in the very war he considered ‘evil.’ But his contribution to the literature of the war has been exceptional, partly because his own experience has led to an almost unbearable share of that American guilt and shame and anguish.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: H. Bruce Franklin
From: The Progressive December 1994
Keywords: Vietnam War
Retelling the Story: O’Brien’s Use of Repetition for Effect
“[O’Brien’s] economical reuse of stories, phrases, and even characters give his work a resonance.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Marilyn Litt
From: Popular Culture Association Conference Las Vegas, NV; March 1996

Biographical sites about Tim O’Brien

Artful Dodge: A Conversation with Tim O’Brien
An interview with the author, from Artful Dodge, an Ohio-based literary magazine.
Contains: Interview
A Storyteller For the War That Won’t End
“The New York Times interviewed Tim O’Brien shortly before he returned to Vietnam for the first time since his service there.”
Contains: Interview
Author: D. J. R. Bruckner
From: The New York Times April 3, 1990
The Things He Carried: Tim O’Brien on Love, Murder and Vietnam
“An interview with the author about his novel In the Lake of the Woods.”
Contains: Interview
Author: Dave Edelman
From: Baltimore City Paper February 1995
Tim O’Brien: Pain, Love, & Growth
“An account of Tim O’Brien’s participation in the Quad Cities Super Author Residency program.”
Author: John P. Lavelle
From: Super Author Residency March 21, 22, and 23, 1996

Other sites about Tim O’Brien

Tim O’Brien: An Introduction to His Writing
An overview of O’Brien’s novels, from If I Die in A Combat Zone to In the Lake of the Woods.
Contains: Commentary
Author: Ken Lopez

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