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George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950)

Nationality: Irish Periods: Irish: 20th Century
              Irish: 19th Century

playwright, Major Barbara, Pygmalion, nobel prize winner for Literature

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Criticism about George Bernard Shaw

“The conclusion of Back to Methuselah by George Bernard Shaw presents a fertile area for investigation inasmuch as the last major speech, that of Lilith, brings a new character on stage, one who has been previously referred to only in the most perfunctory way and who has not appeared before. Lilith has a mythological function in Judaic legend as Adam’s first wife but her function in Back to Methuselah seems to be different, to be more symbolic of certain things that are expressed in the play. This symbolism is accomplished by the use of anaphora in her concluding speech which serves to summarize the events of the play and bring a cyclical structure to the play as a whole.”
Contains: Commentary, Criticism
Author: Hart, Thomas E.

Biographical sites about George Bernard Shaw

Bernard Shaw: a Brief Biography
“G. Bernard Shaw (he hated the “George” and never used it, either personally or professionally) was born in 1856 in Dublin, in a lower-middle class family of Scottish-Protestant ancestry. His father was a failed corn-merchant, with a drinking problem and a squint (which Oscar Wilde’s father, a leading Dublin surgeon, tried unsuccessfully to correct); his mother was a professional singer, the sole disciple of Vandeleur Lee, a voice teacher claiming to have a unique and original approach to singing.”
Contains: Extensive Bio
Author: Cary M. Mazer
Keywords: life, history, biography

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