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Gertrude Stein (1874 – 1946)

Nationality: American Periods: American: 20th Century

Poet, novelist and critic

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Criticism about Gertrude Stein

“Absence of More”: The Struggle for Queer Self-Authorization in Gertrude Stein
“In the life and work of Gertrude Stein (1874-1946), arguably one of the most important American Modernists this century, the struggle for self-authorization is perhaps presented to us most clearly in that well-known period from her early life marked, on the one side, by the completion of her first book, Three Lives (1906), and after several turbulent years, on the other, by the publication of Tender Buttons (1914).”
Contains: Criticism
Author: David R. Jarraway
From: time-sense March 1998; vol. 1 no. 1
Keywords: self-authorization, homosexuality
Gertrude Stein and the Natural World
“When we introduce questions of ‘nature,’ ‘the natural’ and ‘the natural world’ with respect to Stein’s immense opus, we simultaneously truncate our inquiry (because there is apparently very little natural imagery to attend to) and, quite the contrary, lay open a mine of new concerns with regard to definition, use and effect. In other words, we find fresh reasons for perusing Stein’s texts and, more significant, we begin to identify the generous but deeply repressed improvisations that inform Stein’s sense of the natural.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Jack Kimball
From: time-sense March 1998; vol. 1 no. 1
Keywords: nature
The Mother of Postmodernism? Gertrude Stein On-Line
“Gertrude Stein has often been dubbed ‘The Mother of Modernism,’ though there is a sense in which she also spawned a great deal of the plurality of postmodern society, not to mention the disembodied eclecticism of the Internet. It is tempting to imagine what she would have made of the information superhighway; one suspects the idea of downloading a Picasso would have appalled her, though she probably would have relished having her own web-site. My analogy is, of course, a playful one, but less absurd when we consider the ways in which the Internet has fulfilled modernist dreams, even turning them, in some cases, into postmodern nightmares.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Annette Rubery
From: time-sense March 1998; vol. 1 no. 1
Keywords: postmodern, modernism, cyberspace
time-sense: an electronic quarterly on the art of Gertrude Stein
“Recent Stein criticism has addressed such issues as her postmodern disjunctive style, representation and the body, exile and bio/geography, and Stein’s connection with the other arts. Some criticism has tried to reconstruct her texts, reading them from the point of view of queer, ethnic, and theological studies. Artists have set her words to other words, to visual art, to music, and to performance. In other words, the vastly expanding field of Stein studies today ranges from textual and psychoanalytic observations to cultural studies and artistic experiments. In this context, an ongoing examination of how we make sense of Stein in our time is due.”
Contains: Criticism
Author: Sonja Streuber, Editor
From: Gertrude Stein Online

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