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Robert Louis Stevenson (1850 – 1894)

Nationality: Scottish Periods: British: 19th Century

writer of mystery and adventure novels, including Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Criticism about Robert Louis Stevenson

“Belts of Gold” and “Twenty-Pounders”: Robert Louis Stevenson’s Textualized Economies
“In the first part of this essay I describe the ways in which Stevenson’s texts, primarily Kidnapped, initially seem to establish a clear-cut distinction between the monetary and linguistic economies of the Highlands and Lowlands, with the Highlands functioning as a predictable retreat from a commercialism that clearly troubled Stevenson.”
Author: Janet Sorensen
From: Criticism Summer 2000
Robert Louis Stevenson
The greater part of this essay was given as a lecture at the Royal institution on the 17th of May 1895. It discusses Stevenson’s life and his contributions to literature, and generally praises his work.
Contains: Commentary, Criticism
Author: Sir Walter Raleigh
From: Lecture at the Royal Institution May 17, 1895
Robert Louis Stevenson
This review essay is largely biographical, with commentary and criticism on Stevenson’s works, including An Apology for Idlers, Memoir of Fleeming Jenkin, The Amateur Emigrant, David Balfour (the two parts) and Treasure Island. Includes quotes from Stevenson, indicating how he felt about his own writing.
Contains: Criticism, Commentary, Interview
Author: Bradford Torrey
From: The Atlantic Monthly June, 1902
Keywords: review, biographical criticism

Biographical sites about Robert Louis Stevenson

Luminarium Robert Louis Stevenson Site
Includes a biography, quotes, a nearly complete collection of Stevenson’s works, essays, and study resources.
Contains: Extensive Bio, Criticism, Bibliography, Webliography, Works List
Author: Jokinen, Anniina
Access Restrictions:
Robert Louis Stevenson
A very brief and general biography focusing on his family life and travels, with mention of a few of his many works.
Contains: Sketch, Pictures
Author: City of Edinburgh Council
The Robert Louis Stevenson Home Page
This site gives an extensive biography outlining Stevenson’s personal history, writing, travel, and his reception as an author. Includes a bibliography of books about Stevenson and links to websites describing places Stevenson visited.
Contains: Commentary, Sketch, Pictures, Bibliography, Webliography
Author: Richard John Dury
Robert Louis Stevenson, A Record, An Estimate, A Memorial
This is the full text of a book published by Japp, a friend of Stevenson. It includes many letters from Stevenson to Japp, as well as Japp’s commentary and Japp’s record of commentary by Stevenson’s other friends and acquaintances. Includes some discussion of Stevenson’s literary influences.
Contains: Full Bio, Commentary, Criticism
Author: Japp, Alexander H. (Alexander Hay)
From: Robert Louis Stevenson, A Record, An Estimate, A Memorial New York, C. Scribner’s sons, 1905.
Keywords: biographical criticism

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