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Amy Tan (1952 – )

Nationality: American Periods: American: 20th Century

Novelist of books about Chinese-American women and the immigrant experience

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The Joy Luck Club

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Criticism about Amy Tan

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Biographical sites about Amy Tan

Amy Tan Biography
This biography focuses on both Tan’s childhood and adult life, particularly her relationship with her family.
Contains: Pictures, Extensive Bio
Author: Academy of Achievement
Amy Tan Interview
This long interview with Tan deals with her writing, her desire to write, her inspirations, and her relationships with her family. Includes audio and video clips.
Contains: Pictures, Interview
Author: Academy of Achievement
Anniina’s Amy Tan Page
This site includes a biographical sketch, links to reviews, interviews and articles about Amy Tan and her works, as well as links to a few critical articles.
Contains: Sketch, Webliography, Interview
Author: Anniina Jokinen
Voices from the Gaps: Amy Tan
This page includes a long biography, a list of works by Tan, a bibliography of articles about her works, and links to other Amy Tan-related web sites.
Contains: Extensive Bio, Bibliography, Webliography, Works Available, Commentary
Author: Ted J. Sonquist
From: Voices from the Gaps

Other sites about Amy Tan

The Salon Interview: Amy Tan: The Spirit Within
“With her tiny Yorkshire terrier, Babbazo, snugly ensconced in her lap, Tan, a brilliant smile often belying the frankness of her words, talked about the burdens of fame, the world of Yin, and her struggles with her own emotional demons.”
Contains: Interview
From: Salon November 12, 1995

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