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Virgil (70 BCE – 19 BCE)

Nationality: Roman Periods: Italian: Pre-1375

author of the Aeneid

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The Georgics

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Criticism about Virgil

The Virgil Home Page
This site provides an extensive list of links for the study of Vergil and his works. In addition to the text of The Aeneid and The Georgics, there are links to biographical and critical essays on varied aspects of The Aeneid. Bibliographies, listservs and bulletin boards complete the site.
Contains: Extensive Bio, Criticism, Bibliography,
Author: Steven Hale
This webliography offers annotated list of online sources on Vergil’s life and works. Includes biographical information, bibliographies, and general links. Also recommends some good books on Vergil for the non-specialist. Linked sections of the site have similar information on Caesar Augustus and Julius Caesar.
Contains: Webliography, Bibliography, Full Bio, Pictures, Commentary, Criticism, Works Available
Author: David Wilson-Okamura

Biographical sites about Virgil

Bibliography of Vergilian Scholarship
This site contains year-by-year bibliographies of works about Vergil.
Contains: Bibliography
From: Vergilian Society
Life of Virgil
“A commentary on Virgil’s poetry follows the Life proper, but breaks off after the Eclogues. Most of the biographical material is generally thought to derive from a lost vita by Suetonius. Donatus in turn became the main source for later biographers, some of whom returned the favor by filling out the text of his Life with interpolations of various kinds.”
Contains: Full Bio, Commentary, Criticism
Author: Aelius Donatus
From: Virgil.org
Vergil: The Secret Life
“The material in the Vitae Vergilianae has been studied by serious scholars since the Renaissance, but each generation of critics has selected for discussion the things which were consonant with the interests of that age. Approaching old material with a new spirit, in an approach which uses the information and techniques which we have at hand in this wide-scoped age of ours, I believe we can get new insight into Vergil as a person and into some of the subtler nuances of his work.”
Contains: Full Bio, Commentary
Author: Thomas Harris

Other sites about Virgil

The Classic Text: Traditions and Interpretations: Virgil
Part of “The Classic Text: Traditions and Interpretations”, an online exhibit which “examines some of the high spots of the western literary canon. It explores the foundations of their iconographic standing, demonstrating how they arrive at this status through a variety of means, and not always on the basis of their literary worth. The exhibition gives special focus to how printers, publishers, editors, illustrators, and translators have used the icon of the classic text as a venue for their own agendas.”
Author: Christopher Barth, Virginia Haas, Sarah McDanie
From: University of Wisconsin Milwaukee – Special Collections Library
The Vergil Project
“The Vergil Project is a collaborative enterprise dedicated to collecting, creating, and disseminating resources for teaching and research about Vergil. Its main goal is to develop an on-line, interactive hypertext database of all materials that might be of interest to any student of Vergil, from the novice to the professional scholar, from the passionate amateur to the casual browser. The purpose of this resource is to facilitate the study and enjoyment of Vergil’s poetry and to make it freely accessible to the widest possible audience.”
Contains: Commentary, Works List, Works Available
Virgil in Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance: An Online Bibliography
This site allows the user to download an extensive bibliography about the treatment of Vergil and his works in Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance.
Contains: Bibliography
Author: David Wilson-Okamura
From: Virgil.org
This site contains a wealth of information on Virgil including texts, bibliographies, biographical data, and maps.
Contains: Full Bio, Pictures, Commentary, Works Available, Works List, Bibliography
This site is made up of links to maps relevant to the study of Vergil and his writings.
Contains: Pictures
From: Virgil.org

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