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Virginia Woolf (1882 – 1941)

Nationality: British Periods: British: 20th Century

famous feminist writer

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Criticism about Virginia Woolf

Bibliography of Woolf Studies
This bibliography lists scholarly books and articles on Woolf and her works. There is also a section called “Passing Glances,” which “reflect[s] Woolf’s broader influence among contemporary writers. … [This includes] references to Woolf, or to her characters, that pop up in [recent books].”
Contains: Bibliography
Author: The International Virginia Woolf Society
Virginia Woolf Web: VWW Links (1)
Comprehensive collection of links to web resources on Woolf. Includes “Wolf Studies on the Web” links, as well as links to “Book Reviews, Essays, and Others”.
Contains: Webliography
Author: Hiroko Fukushima

Biographical sites about Virginia Woolf

one: Biography
This first chapter from a biography on Woolf discusses the author’s childhood.
Contains: Extensive Bio
Author: Lee, Hermione
From: Virginia Woolf Chapter 1; Alfred A. Knopf: 1997
Virginia Woolf
This extensive biography of Woolf comes from the Gale Group’s Celebrating Women’s History Month web site.
Contains: Extensive Bio
From: DISCovering Biography
Virginia Woolf Web: A Virginia Woolf Chronology
Contains biographical data as well as dates when her works were published.
Contains: Timeline
Author: Hiroko Fukushima

Other sites about Virginia Woolf

The International Virginia Woolf Society
The Society provides an annual bibliography of Woolf studies and links to useful web sites, in addition to listing calls for papers, conferences, and other information.
Contains: Webliography, Bibliography
Author: The International Virginia Woolf Society

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