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Sites about Beautiful Losers

by Leonard Cohen

Critical sites about Beautiful Losers

Beyond Mommy and the Machinery: Leonard Cohen’s Vision of Male Desire in Beautiful Losers
“A profusion of production occurs with F imploring I, our narrator, in his usual didactic manner, to ‘connect nothing.’ The problem is I connects everything, weaving his imaginary thread through all forms, bringing them into the whole, under the lure of maternal love. F’s task is to be the big daddy phallus, symbolic destroyer of imaginary wholeness, cutter of connecting threads. F, like Proust’s Penelope, implores I to empty his memory, to listen to the present.”
Contains: Character Analysis
Author: Paul Nonnekes
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 33
Keywords: sex
The Telephone Dance & Mechanical Ecstasy in Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers
“The characters of Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers surrender to a mechanical discourse of human desire. They are drunk on an ecstasy that allows for artificial human connection yet bypasses physical contact. The Telephone Dance in Book One is a sexual game in which human beings become mechanized, and the vibrator scene in the holiday resort in Book Two personifies then liberates an electronic sexual toy.”
Contains: Character Analysis
Author: Nicole Markotic
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 33
Keywords: technology, sex
Writing Around the Holocaust: Uncovering the Ethical Centre of Beautiful Losers
“A common characteristic among the interpretations that have guided our reading ofBeautiful Losers is their slight interest in the section portraying a rather sordid encounter with Hitler. I will argue in this essay that, after placing this section at the centre of our consideration of Beautiful Losers, Cohen’s novel can be seen as an examination of the role of the Holocaust in contemporary culture, and as a call to heed the lessons learned from the Nazi victimization of the Jews.”
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Norman Ravvin
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 33
Keywords: jewish, jews, Holocaust

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