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Sites about Collected Songs of Leonard Cohen

by Leonard Cohen

Critical sites about Collected Songs of Leonard Cohen

Interior Landscapes and the Public Realm: Contingent Mediations in a Speech and a Song by Leonard Cohen
“How are ‘we’ to locate our own listening selves with respect to this form of address? Are ’we’ to think of ourselves as being on the speaker’s side? Are ‘we’ addressed as his adversaries? If, as some theorists have suggested, we are hailed as listeners or readers to occupy certain subject positions, who is calling out to us? Is this, to use a formulation by Cohen, the ‘leader of a government-in-exile’ who addresses us as his subjects, a voice that speaks for a group, or perhaps conveys a communal understanding like the priest that Cohen’s name signifies literally in Hebrew (a fact Cohen sometimes alludes to)? Or do we face an elusive self that offers no identification, that mocks us from outside established or representable meaning, leaving us with the kind of unsolvable riddle that is meant to lead the student of Zen to enlightenment, a Koan? Are we being hailed by Koan/Cohen?”
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Winfried Siemerling
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 33
Re-membering the Love Song Ambivalence and Cohen’s “Take This Waltz”
“In ‘Take This Waltz,’ Cohen — singer as lover — plays the potential of quotation, walks face-first into cliché, mines the written-over to release the sweet taste of after. He re-members the love song. And that remembering, curiously enough, is permeated — and permitted — by ambivalence, ambi-valence, the lure of more than one position at the same moment. Ambivalence rather than irony: not one thing understood to mean something else, but rather the irresolvable tension of more than one meaning signifying simultaneously.”
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Charlene Diehl-Jones
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 33

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