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Sites about Collected Poems of Tennyson

by Lord Alfred Tennyson

Critical sites about Collected Poems of Tennyson

Canada and the Epilogue to the Idylls: “The Imperial Connection” in 1873
This analysis of Tennyson’s poem concludes that “‘To the Queen’ is thus certainly, as Brantlinger implies when he includes a part of this poem as the epigraph to Rule of Darkness, a banner poem heralding a new age of British imperialism; it is also a crucial articulation of the sentiment which increasingly after 1873 bound Tennyson to Victoria, and (English) Canada to England.”
Contains: Historical Context
Author: Cecily Devereux
From: Victorian Poetry Volume 36, no. 2, Summer 1998
Displacing Hallam�s Tomb in Tennyson�s In Memoriam
This analysis of “In Memoriam” arguest that it “is above all an elegy.”
Author: Darrel Mansell
From: Victorian Poetry Volume 36, no. 1, Spring 1998
Interpretation and Rumor in Tennyson’s Merlin and Vivien
This analysis of “Merlin and Vivien” examines Tennyson’s debt to Virgil and his treatment of the characters of Merlin and Vivien.
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Catherine R. Harland
From: Victorian Poetry Volume 35, no. 1, Spring 1996
Producing the “Far-Off Interest of Tears”: Tennyson, Freud, and the Economics of Mourning
This analysis of “In Memoriam” concludes that “a poet as such, like Tennyson, is more consistently in touch with the ungrounded, recursively metaphorical nature of what he thinks and says. The poet knows that if he uses a given trope, it is one of many, a contingent thing that will soon give way . . . to another trope, as In Memoriam demonstrates in its accumulative complexity. “
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Gerhard Joseph
From: Victorian Poetry Volume 36, no. 2, Summer 1998
The “Valour of delicate women”: The Domestication of Political Relations in Tennyson�s Laureate Poetry
This analysis of Tennyson’s poetry argues that “in a series of short, often occasional poems written throughout his career as laureate, Tennyson characterizes political relations as family relations�not from mere condescension (the white man�s burden, the noble savage/child), but both as a way to comprehend the Other of colonial peoples by making these peoples part of the Mother Queen�s domestic sphere, and as a way of making personal power into public power. “
Author: Robin l. Inboden
From: Victorian Poetry Volume 36, no. 2, Summer 1998

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