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Sites about Confessions

by St. Augustine

An autobiographical work, as well as a theological one. “The Confessions are not to be read merely as a look back at Augustine’s spiritual development; rather the text itself is an essential stage in that development, and a work aware both of what had already passed into history and of what lay ahead. (J.J. O’Donnell)

Critical sites about Confessions

Augustine’s Idea of God
An essay on Augustine’s perception of God, with reference to passages from the Confessions.
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Professor James J. O’Donnell
Concupiscence in Augustine and Aquinas
A comparative analysis.
Contains: Content Analysis, Bibliography
Author: Steve Riker
The Example of a Woman: Sexual Renunciation and Augustine’s Conversion to Christianity in 386
An analysis of the role of women in Augustine’s conversion.
Contains: Content Analysis, Historical Context
Author: F.B.A. Asiedu
Friendship as Adultery: Social Reality and Sexual Metaphor in Augustine’s Doctrine of Original Sin
An analysis of Augustine’s concept of original sin, and its applications to today’s world.
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Gerald W. Schlabach
From: Augustinian Studies 23 (December 1992): 125-147
An Introduction to Augustine’s Confessions
A detailed introduction to both the work and the history of its analysis.
Contains: Historical Context, Content Analysis
Author: Professor James J. O’Donnell
“Love is the Hand of the Soul”: The Grammar of Continence in Augustine’s Doctrine of Christian Love
“It is time to pursue Augustine’s suggestion that continence is key not just to dealing with errant sexuality, but is key to the righting of all human relationships. Augustine did not always make this explicit, and so a central task of this article will be to discern how a grammar of continence shaped his teachings on love, even when he did not explicate that grammar.”
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Gerald W. Schlabach
From: Journal of Early Christian Studies 6:1 (Spring 1998): 59-92
Memory and Mind: An Introduction to Augustine’s Epistemology
“The central point of this paper is to elucidate Augustine’s notion of memory found in Augustine’s Confessions 10. … I focus on several themes Augustine pursues: the imagistic nature of memory, how knowledge is sometimes achieved without images, the relationship of memory to mind, skeptical problems that lead to a Christian epistemology. Along the way I compare, very briefly, Augustine’s views with those of his philosophical ancestors and with a recent philosopher of mind.”
Contains: Content Analysis, Bibliography
Author: Sheri Katz

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