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Sites about The Day of the Triffids

by John Wyndham

Mankind is attacked by strange, walking plants.

Critical sites about The Day of the Triffids

“We Are the Dead”: The Day of the Triffids and Nineteen Eighty-Four
“Although it was his commercially most successful novel (or because of it), John Wyndham’s THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS has often been treated a horror story devoid of ideas rather than an SF novel full of ideas. This has meant that some major themes in it have been ignored, despite the fact that they are shared with George Orwell’s NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR. The main themes that is never discussed by critics of either book is, quite simply, permanent horror. Perhaps it is because people hate contemplating that possibility that they do not discuss it, but both NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR and DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS are about an eternity of irrecoverable pain. The only way of escaping it is not to have it start. Furthermore, the two authors are not religious. Their eternity of pain is on this physical earth.”
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: L. J. Hurst
From: VECTOR: The Critical Journal of the British Science Fiction Association 1996

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