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Sites about Gut Symmetries

by Jeanette Winterson

The story of a multi-way love triangle, based on the metaphor of the Grand Unified Theory (GUT) concept from physics.

Characters: Jove, Stella, Alice
Keywords: physics

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Book Review: Gut Symmetries
“In Gut Symmetries, her first novel since her artistic manifesto Art Objects, Jeanette Winterson uses physics’ Grand Unified Theory, or GUT, as the main metaphoric premise. The story is diagrammed out geometrically and is decorated with labels from astrology and the Tarot. Alchemy is invoked. It’s all a rather fine high conceit but the meshing cosmic systems, while nspiring some beautiful flights of dense poetic writing, leave no room for one of the most basic narrative drives: convincing characters.”
Contains: Review
Author: Kate McDonnell
From: ReadMe http://www.thenetnet.com/readme/
Author: Kate McDonnell
From: ReadMe http://www.thenetnet.com/readme/
Keywords: physics, alchemy, characterization

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