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Sites about Invisible Man

by Ralph Ellison

Critical sites about Invisible Man

Irving Howe, “Black Boys and Native Sons”
A comparison of Invisible Man (by Ralph Ellison), Native Son (by Richard Wright) and James Baldwin’s Go Tell it on the Mountain, along with other black novel references
Author: Irving Howe
From: First published in DISSENT (Autumn 1963)
Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man
This site contains many reviews of Ralph Ellison’s novel Invisible Man including those by John Corry, Irving Howe, and Saul Bellow.
Contains: Review

Other (non-critical) sites about Invisible Man

Books of the Times: Invisible Man
This reviewer argues that the novel “is tough, brutal and sensational. It is uneven in quality. But it blazes with authentic talent. “
Contains: Review
Author: Orville Prescott
From: New York Times April 16, 1952
Author: Orville Prescott
From: New York Times April 16, 1952
Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man
This page hosts three different student sites on the novel. Each contains some historical background on the novel’s time period, information on the author, chapter summaries, and discussions of themes, among other things. Created by students at West Springfield High School.
Contains: Plot Summary, Character Analysis, Historical Context, Bibliography,
Author: Susan Latour and students
Author: Susan Latour and students
Reading Group Guide: Invisible Man
Discussion questions for the work.
Contains: Content Analysis
A Tale From Underground
This review of Invisible Man notes that it “is a resolutely honest, tormented, profoundly American book. “
Contains: Review
Author: Wright Morris
From: New York Times April 13, 1952
Author: Wright Morris
From: New York Times April 13, 1952

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