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Sites about Mason and Dixon

by Thomas Pynchon

Critical sites about Mason and Dixon

Line, Vortex, and Mound: On First Reading Thomas Pynchon’s Mason and Dixon
“In the summer of 1997 a force like a gravitational field drew me to reading Thomas Pynchon’s Mason and Dixon. Perhaps it was its subjects, Enlightenment science and the contradictions in American democracy that came to be marked by Mason and Dixon’s famous line. Perhaps it was the rumored portraits of colonial America, especially Philadelphia, near where I live. Perhaps it was that I heard that in Mason Pynchon had created his greatest straight man, in Dixon his liveliest comic hero. At any rate, I bought the book soon after summer vacation began and read its first pages in a subterranean coffee shop in Philadelphia (without yet realizing how appropriate such a setting would be). Once I began reading Mason and Dixon I could not put it down for long. Not only was the humor irresistible, making me remember how much I’d enjoyed encountering the bad song lyrics or following that ricocheting aerosol can in the second chapter of 49. I also quickly discovered how much my poor cerebral synapses had missed Pynchon’s patented mix of highjinks, metaphysics, and penumbras; I could feel all kinds of unused parts of my brain firing up again as paradoxes were posed and allusions and analogies multiplied on every page.”
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Peter Schmidt

Other (non-critical) sites about Mason and Dixon

Entropology: A Review of Mason & Dixon
“Menand reviews ‘Mason & Dixon’ by Thomas Pynchon.”
Contains: Review,
Author: Louis Menand
From: The New York Review of Books Jun 12, 1997; Vol. 44 No. 10; p. 22
Author: Louis Menand
From: The New York Review of Books Jun 12, 1997; Vol. 44 No. 10; p. 22
Often causing future strangers to remember them as Dixon and Mason
“This page will serve as an area devoted the Pynchon’s new novel, Mason & Dixon. It contains Dr. Daw’s review, links to other M&D sites, and some other related items of possible interest.”
Contains: Review
Author: Laurence Daw
From: The Libyrinth
Author: Laurence Daw
From: The Libyrinth
Thomas Pynchon’s Mason & Dixon
Summaries, reviews, bibliography, and an in-depth concordance for the novel.
Contains: Bibliography, Review, Plot Summary
Author: Tim Ware
From: HyperArts Pynchon Pages
Author: Tim Ware
From: HyperArts Pynchon Pages

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