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by P. B. Shelley

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Wave Dynamics as Primary Ecology in Shelley�s Prometheus Unbound
“This essay… seeks to bridge the somewhat conflicting modes of reading “light” by a two part procedure: initially, I examine the historical context of Shelley�s understanding of the dynamics of light, and subsequently I strive to articulate a theoretical framework within which to connect Shelley�s thought to physical models expressed within the new physics of relativity and quantum as these relate to matters of Shelley�s deep ecology. Phrased differently, the essay seeks to find a common ground or middle path between conflicting descriptions of the play of light offered by de Man, Reiman, and Plotnitsky, for all such descriptions are required to investigate fully the role that light plays in Shelley�s argument for the complementarity of consciousness and cosmos as boundary condition for the deepest of ecologies.”
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Mark Lussier
From: Romanticism on the Net Vol 16 November 1999

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