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Sites about The Rocking Chair, and Other Poems

by A. M. Klein

Critical sites about The Rocking Chair, and Other Poems

Intimations of Wordsworth in A. M. Klein’s “Autobiographical”
“A related explanatory context is suggested by Klein’s poem ‘Autobiographical’, which was written in the early 1940s and contains another reference to Wordsworth’s tranquilly recollected emotion. The allusion is, I suggest, prima facie evidence of influence anxiety, of Klein’s fear of being (or of being found to be) ‘Romantic.'”
Author: Kerry McSweeney
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 35
A Note on W. H. Auden’s “Detective Story” and A. M. Klein’s “Portrait of the Poet as Landscape”
“The affinity between Klein’s and Auden’s poetry has been touched on and explored briefly by Margaret Avison and John Sutherland respectively. Neither critic, though, mentions ‘Detective Story,’ despite the fact that Klein’s poem is in some ways a response to Auden’s poem. Indeed, one of the many things Klein does in “Portrait of the Poet as Landscape” is to consider Auden’s somewhat Christian view of the detective story in order to reinterpret the genre according to his own belief.”
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Brian Diemert
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 32
Re: Reading Klein’s “Krieghoff: Cailligrammes”
“For a test such as ‘Krieghoff: Calligrammes’ — one of the most experimental and least dis cussed poems of The Rocking Chair volume — explication becomes not an act of reading, but of repeated re-reading, of finding in the text multiple entrances produced by multiplying words.”
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Robin Edwards Davies
From: Canadian Poetry vol. 27

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