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Sites about Wuthering Heights

by Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte’s novel, set in nineteenth-century Yorkshire, which tells the tale of an intense connection between a young girl, Catherine, and an orphan, Heathcliff, and the disastrous results as the years go by.

Characters: Heathcliff, Catherine, Edgar Linton

Critical sites about Wuthering Heights

The Magnanimity of Wuthering Heights
” The way by which a masterpiece as unanticipated as Wuthering Heights comes to be written, involving, as it did, the gradual evolution from such early childish games to more complex games of written language (serial stories transcribed by the children in minute italic handwriting meant to resemble print; secret plays, or “bed plays,” written at bedtime; the transcribing of the ambitious Gondal and Angria sagas, which were to be viable for nearly fifteen years) is so compelling a tale, so irresistible a legend, one is tempted to see in it a miniature history of the imagination’s triumph, in the most socially restricted of environments. “
Contains: Content Analysis
Author: Joyce Carol Oates
From: The Profane Art: Essays and Reviews

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