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Vi Hilbert
, 1918-


Vi Hilbert was born in 1918 in Lyman, Washington. She is a linguist, educator , and storyteller. She has devoted much of her life to the study, promotion and preservation of her childhood language, Lushootseed Salish, and the oral literature and culture of her people. She has transcribed and translated these materials into English. She retired from teaching in 1988, and began storytelling at the insistence of her students. She is frequently invited to tell stories by Native groups, the National Association of Professional Storytellers and other educators at all levels. She is currently involved in a project to archive her collection.


Online resources by or about Vi Hilbert:

Native Visions: Vi Hilbert Tells the Story of Lady Louse
Author: Seattle Art Museum
Type: etext
Description: From this page, you can watch a video of Hilbert telling the story of Lady Louse.


Books by Vi Hilbert:

Hilbert, Vi. Haboo : native American stories from Puget Sound
Seattle : University of Washington Press, 1985.
Genre: Folklore
Audience: All Ages
ISBN: 0295962704

Hilbert, Vi. Loon and deer were traveling : a story of the Upper Skagit of Puget Sound
Chicago : Childrens Press, 1992.
Genre: Folklore
Audience: Youth
ISBN: 0516051407

Hilbert, Vi. Lushootseed dictionary
Seattle : University of Washington Press, 1994.
Genre: Nonfiction
Audience: All Ages
ISBN: 0295973234

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