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Beverly Hungry Wolf
(Sikski-Aki, Black-Faced Woman)
, 1950-

Beverly Hungry Wolf was born in 1950 in the Blood Indian Hospital on the Blood Indian Reserve in Canada. She is a member of the Little Bear family, the Blood tribe, and the Blackfoot Nation. She was educated at the boarding school on the reserve and after finishing her college education, returned to the reserve as a teacher. She married a German, Adolph Gutohrlein, who encouraged her to preserve her traditions. They encountered some enmity among the Indians and together they wrote Shadows of the Buffalo which tells of their experiences. Beverly Hungry Wolf now lives with her husband and children in British Columbia.


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Beverly Hungry Wolf
Author: Brett Herolt, John W. Ostman, and Vanessa Touset
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Books by Beverly Hungry Wolf:

Hungry Wolf, Beverly. Children of the sun
New York : Morrow, 1987.
Genre: Short Stories
Audience: Youth
ISBN: 0688067824

Hungry Wolf, Beverly. Daughters of the buffalo women : maintaining the tribal faith
Skookumchuck, B.C. : Canadian Caboose Press, 1996.
Genre: Biography
ISBN: 0920698565

Hungry Wolf, Beverly. Shadows of the buffalo : a family odyssey among the Indians
New York : Morrow, 1983.
Genre: Biography
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 0688016804

Hungry Wolf, Beverly. The ways of my grandmothers
New York : Quill, 1982.
Genre: Biography
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 0688004717 (pbk.)

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