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Anna Moore Shaw
, 1898-1975


Anna Moore Shaw was born on the Gila River Pima Reservation in Arizona. Shaw attended missionary boarding school in Tucson and the Phoenix Indian High School. In later years, she moved to the Salt River Pima reservation in order to devote energies to reviving the Pima traditions. Shaw was also the editor of the reservation newspaper and an active member in creating the Pima museum of culture. It was in the later years that she took up writing as a way of reviving the Pima traditions.

Awards and Honors

Arizona Hall of Fame, 1981


Online resources by or about Anna Moore Shaw:

Pima Indian Legends
Author: The University of Arizona Press
Type: etext
Description: Information about Pima Indian Legends from The University of Arizona Press, including a link to an excerpt from the book.

URL: http://www.uapress.arizona.edu/books/bid423.htm

Books by Anna Moore Shaw:

Shaw, Anna Moore. Pima Indian legends
Tucson : University of Arizona Press, 1968.
Genre: Folklore
Audience: All Ages
ISBN: 0816501866

Shaw, Anna Moore. A Pima Past
Tucson : University of Arizona Press, 1974.
Genre: Nonfiction
Audience: Adult

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