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Doris Seale is a Santee Dakota and Cree educator who has written extensively on the issues of identifying books about Native Americans that send negative and harmful messages to children. Her work has helped to educate teachers, educators and librarians about how to make sensitive and informed choices about works purporting to represent Native American people and cultures.


Online resources by or about Doris Seale:

Review of The People Shall Continue
Author: Doris Seale
Type: bookreview
Description: From Paula Giese’s Native Books website, Doris Seale reviews The People Shall Continue by Simon Ortiz.

URL: http://www.kstrom.net/isk/books/middle/mi216.html

Books by Doris Seale:

Seale, Doris. Caucasian Americans : Basic Skills Workbook
Berkeley, CA : Oyate, 1994.
Genre: Nonfiction
Audience: All Ages

Seale, Doris. How to Tell the Difference: A Checklist for Evaluating Children’s Books for Anti-Indian Bias
New Society Publishers, 1992.
Genre: Nonfiction
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 1-55092-163-0

Seale, Doris. Little Whitepeople
Berkeley, CA : Oyate, 1995.

Seale, Doris. The Multicolored Mirror: Cultural Substance in Literature for Children and Young Adults
CCBC/Highsmith Press, 1991.
Genre: Nonfiction
Audience: Adult

Seale, Doris. Thanksgiving : a native perpsective
Berkeley, CA : Oyate, 1998.
Genre: Nonfiction
Audience: Adult

Seale, Doris. Through Indian eyes : the native experience in books for children
Philadelphia, Pa : New Society Publishers, 1992.
Genre: Nonfiction
Audience: Youth

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