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Lance Henson
, 1944-


Lance Henson was born in 1944 in Oklahoma. He earned a Master’s degree in Creative Writing at University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Henson’s poetry is known for its powerful imagery, brevity and universal appeal. It incorporates Cheyenne philosophy and traditions as well as social and political commentary on the modern world. Henson is a writer and educator, and served in the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War.


Online resources by or about Lance Henson:

Lance Henson
Author: Lance Henson and Karen Strom
Type: authorbio
Description: Biographical and bibliographical information about Henson.

URL: http://www.hanksville.org/storytellers/henson/

Books by Lance Henson:

Henson, Lance. Another distance
Norman, Oklahoma : Point Riders Press, 1991.
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 0937280305

Henson, Lance. Another song for America
Norman, Oklahoma : Point Riders Press, 1991 1987.
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 0937280208

Henson, Lance. A Cheyenne sketchbook
Greenfield Center, NY : Greenfield Review Press, 1985.
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 0912678623

Henson, Lance. In a dark mist
Merrick, N.Y. : Cross-Cultural Communications, 1992.
Genre: Poetry
Language: English and Cheyenne
ISBN: 0893048518

Henson, Lance. Strong heart song : lines from a revolutionary text : poetry
Albuquerque, NM : West End Press, 1997.
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 0931122864

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