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Roxy Gordon
, 1945-2000



Roxy Gordon was a Choctaw and Assiniboine writer, artist, and performer who lived in East Dallas, Texas. With his wife Judy Gordon, he operated the small publishing company Wowapi.


Online resources by or about Roxy Gordon:

Crazy Horse is Alive by Roxy Gordon
Author: Roxy Gordon
Type: etext
Description: Full text of the poem by Roxy Gordon, and a brief biography.

URL: http://www.lonestarwebstation.com/roxygor1.html

Roxy Gordon Memorial Page
Author: Lone Star Webstation
Type: authorbio
Description: Memorial page for Gordon, who passed away on 2/7/00. Includes the texts of several obituaries.

URL: http://lonestarwebstation.com/roxygordon.html

Tales of the Troubadours by Roxy Gordon
Author: Roxy Gordon
Type: etext
Description: Online article about Townes Van Zandt, written by Roxy Gordon and originally published in the Coleman Chronicle & Democratic Voice on April 8, 1993.

URL: http://www.lonestarwebstation.com/tvztrbdr.html

Books by Roxy Gordon:

Gordon, Roxy. Breeds
Austin, Tex. : Place of Herons, 1984.
ISBN: 0916908283

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