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Wilfred Pelletier
, 1927-2000


Pelletier was at Carleton University for more than 20 years before succumbing to cancer. He served as Elder-in-Residence in the department of Sociology/Anthropology. He was also an advisor, an author, a story-teller, and a popular guest-lecturer.


Online resources by or about Wilfred Pelletier:

Native elder had loyal following
Author: Carleton University Magazine
Type: authorbio
Description: This is a brief biography/obituary on William Pelletier. Pelletier was a part of the Carleton faculty for over 20 years.

URL: http://magazine.carleton.ca/2000_Fall/308.htm

Books by Wilfred Pelletier:

Pelletier, Wilfred. Childhood in an Indian Village
Boston, Mass. : New England Free Press, 1969.
Genre: Nonfiction

Pelletier, Wilfred. No foreign land : the biography of a North American Indian
New York : Pantheon Books, 1973.
Genre: Autobiography
ISBN: 0394480333

Pelletier, Wilfred. Le silence d’un cri
Sainte-Foy [Quebec] : Editions A. Sigier, 1985.
Genre: Nonfiction
ISBN: 2891290585

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