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E. Donald Two-Rivers
, 1945-2008



E. Donald Two-Rivers was an Ojibwa performer, poet, playwright, and short story author. He was also the Founding Artistic Director of the Red Path Theater Company in Chicago, IL.

Awards and Honors

1992 Iron-Eyes Cody Award for Peace
1999 American Book Award winner for Survivor’s Medicine


Online resources by or about E. Donald Two-Rivers:

Chili Corn
Author: E. Donald Two-Rivers
Type: etext
Description: The text of Two-Rivers’ poem, Chili Corn, part of a web site for the play by the same name, also written by Two-Rivers.

URL: http://www.studioz.org/chili/poem.html

Chili Corn — E. Donald Two-Rivers
Author: Studio Z
Type: authorbio
Description: A short biography of Two-Rivers, part of a larger web site for the production of his play, Chili Corn.

URL: http://www.studioz.org/chili/crew/eddie.html

Books by E. Donald Two-Rivers:

Two-Rivers, E. Donald. Briefcase warriors : stories for the stage
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, 2000.
Genre: Drama
ISBN: 0806133015

Two-Rivers, E. Donald. A dozen cold ones
Chicago, Ill. : MARCH/Abrazo Pres, 1992.
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 1877636150

Two-Rivers, E. Donald. Survivor’s medicine : short stories
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, 1998.
Genre: Short Stories
ISBN: 080613092X

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