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John D. Berry
, 1951-



Born in Stillwater, OK, Berry is a librarian, published poet, and a traditional Stomp Dancer. He has a Masters in in Library and Information Sciences from the Univ. of Missouri, and is currently the Native American Studies Librarian in the Ethnic Studies Library at the Univ. of Calif., Berkeley. His professional activities include being Past President of the American Indian Library Association, 1999-2000, and Past President of OSU’s Native American Faculty & Staff Association, 1997-1999. He has been published in “Red Ink” magazine and elsewhere.

Awards and Honors

John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award for participation in the “Plug into the World” campaign at the Edmon Low Library, 1997
AMIGOS Bibliographic Council, Professional Development Grant Award, 1996


Online resources by or about John D. Berry:

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Type: etext
Description: Find here John D. Berry’s poem “Contest” and other poems about wrestling from different authors.

URL: http://clatterymachinery.wordpress.com/2009/11/29/the-mixed-classic-amateur-wrestling-poetry-all-world-meet-48-poems/

Presentation by John D. Berry, American Indian Library Assoc. Pres
Author: John D. Berry
Type: etext
Description: Text of a presentation given by Berry at ALASC, 10/5/99, as printed in the newsletter Library Juice.

URL: http://www.libr.org/Juice/issues/vol3/LJ_3.48.html#11

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