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Duane Niatum
, 1938-


Duane Niatum was born in Seattle under the name McGinniss. After his parent’s divorce, his Klallam grandfather became his surrogate father, which was to later influence his writing. After serving in the Navy, he attended the University of Washington where he received his B.A.in 1970. He then received his M.A. in 1972 at Johns Hopkins University. His career includes instructor at Johns Hopkins Univ.; editor of the Native American Authors Program, Harper & Row Publishers; and various other teaching jobs and librarian postions. He earned his Ph.D. in 1997 at the University of Michigan. He is a poet, author and playwright.

Awards and Honors

Pacific Northwest Writers Conference, first prize in poetry, 1966 and 1970.
Poerty in Motion Grant Award


Online resources by or about Duane Niatum:

Duane Niatum
Author: Duane Niatum and Karen Strom
Type: authorbio
Description: Biographical and bibliographical information about Niatum.

URL: http://www.hanksville.org/storytellers/niatum/

Studies in American Indian Literatures, Volume 7, No. 1
Author: Association for the Study of American Indian Literature
Type: authorbio
Description: This newsletter from 1983 contains a Maurice Kenny Bibliography, reviews of Maurice Kenny’s “Dancing Back Strong the Nation” and “I am the Sun”, a review of Duane Niatum’s “Songs for the Harvester of Dreams”, and a general discussion of Niatum’s poem.

URL: http://oncampus.richmond.edu/faculty/ASAIL/SAILns/71.html

Books by Duane Niatum:

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Genre: Drama

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Genre: Poetry

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Genre: Short Stories

Niatum, Duane. Turning to the Rhythms of Her Song
Seattle, WA : Jawbone Press, 1977.
Genre: Poetry

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