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Valandra was born and raised in the Great Sioux Reservation. He has degrees in Chemistry and Political Science, and a PhD in American Studies from SUNY Buffalo. He is a Sicangu Lakota with interests in tribal and public law and politics. He is on the Board of Directors of the Great Plains Restoration Council and an assistant professor at UC Davis.


Online resources by or about Edward Valandra:

Edward Valandra’s Homepage
Author: Edward Valandra
Type: authorbio
Description: Valandra’s UC Davis home page includes a photo and contact information.

URL: http://nas.ucdavis.edu/nasvalandra.htm

Books by Edward Valandra:

Valandra, Edward. Not Without Our Consent
Champaign : University of Illinois Press, 2004.
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 0-252-02944-5

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