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Eya Mani
, 1949-

Standing Rock Sioux

“Mani began writing seriously in 1993. His work has appeared in the anthologies, All in a Day’s Work and This Stretch of the River. Among his other achievements, Mani has written a one act play in the Lakota language, hosted his own radio talk show on Standing Rock, and he has worked with the University of Colorado at Fort Collins as a consultant on tipi making and Lakota Culture. Mani is an accomplished musician and played professionally for 27 years. He is also an accomplished crafter, working with feathers, leathers and beads, and a carver of bone and antler. In writing, Mani relies on his experiences as a cowboy, a tribal councilman, a long-haul truck driver, a U.S. Combat Marine, and a tipi maker.
Mani was born in South Dakota. He is married with three daughters, three sons, and eight grandchildren.”

Awards and Honors

Poet Laureate from the Famous Poets Society, 1999


Books by Eya Mani:

Mani, Eya. WATEHICA-That Which You Hold Dear…
Victoria BC : Trafford Publishing, 2002.
Genre: Short Stories
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 1553697723

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