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William Oandasan
, 1947-1992


Born at Round Valley Reservation in Northern California in 1947 Oandasan was part-Yuki Indian and part-Philippino. He was a contemporary native poet, journalist, editor, and publisher. He founded the A Press in 1976 and edited A: A Journal of Contemporary Literature, one of the first literary magazines devoted to American Indian writers. He was an objector during the Vietnam War and fascinated by French surrealists. For over 20 years, Oandasan wrote and lived in Santa Fe, Chicago, and worked at the UCLA Native Studies Center editing a scholarly magazine on Native Americans.

Awards and Honors

1984 American Books Award from the Before Columbus Foundation (for Round Valley Songs )


Books by William Oandasan:

Oandasan, William. A Branch of California Redwood
Los Angeles, CA : American Indian Studies Center, University of California, 1980.
ISBN: 0935626034

Oandasan, William. Earth & Sky
Laguna, NM : A Press, 1976.

Oandasan, William. Moving Inland, a Cycle of Lyrics
York Station, CA : A Publications, 1983.

Oandasan, William. Round Valley Songs
Minneapolis, MN : West End Press, 1984.
Genre: Nonfiction
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 093112235X

Oandasan, William. Round Valley Verses
Marvin, SD : Blue Cloud Quarterly, 1987.

Oandasan, William. Sermon & Three Waves: A Journey through Night
Laguna, NM : A Press, 1978.
Genre: Poetry

Oandasan, William. Summer Night
A Publications, 1989.
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: B0007C69RY

Oandasan, William. Taking Off
Laguna, NM : A Press, 1976.
Genre: Poetry

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