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Margo Tamez
, 1962-


Raised in San Antonio, Texas during the Civil Rights Movement and growing up during the Vietnam era made lasting impacts on Tamez’ sensitivity and responses to racism, inequity, and social justice. Her parents were challenged to find community in an urban environment that pressed its hostilities, intolerance and injustices upon non-white groups. At the age of seven, she received advice from her mother to use the education of dominant culture in order to find ways to voice the people’s struggles.

She completed two undergraduate degrees: Archaeological Studies (1984) and Art History (1985) at the University of Texas.

Awards and Honors

Poetry Fellowship from the ArizonaCommission on the Arts, First Place Literary Award from FronteraLiterary Review, Environmental Leadership Fellowship Award,Distinguished Achievement Award, International Exchange Award from the Tucson Pima Arts Council and others. Her book RAVEN EYE (Arizona 2007) was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in Poetry by the University of Arizona Press.


Online resources by or about Margo Tamez:

Blogcritics Magazine – Interview with Margo Tamez
Author: Lisa Alvarado
Type: etext
Description: 2007 interview with Lipan and Jumano Apache-Spanish poet Margo Tamez.

URL: http://blogcritics.org/archives/2007/04/22/050809.php

La Bloga: Review of Margo Tamez’ Naked Wanting and Raven Eye
Type: bookreview
Description: La Bloga is a team of writers who blog about Latino, Latina, Chicano, and Chicana writers and their works. Here the staff reviews Margo Tamez’ poetry anthologies Naked Wanting and Raven Eye. Included are Tamez’ poems “My Mother Returns to Calaboz” and “Ceremony of Peyote”.

URL: http://labloga.blogspot.com/2007/04/raven-eye-naked-wanting-and-her-sacred.html

A Species
Author: University of Arizona Press
Type: etext
Description: Poem “A Species” by Margo Tamez from her poetry anthology Naked Wanting.

URL: http://www.uapress.arizona.edu/catalogs/dlg_show_excerpt.php?id=1479&title=Naked+Wanting&subtitle=&author=Margo+Tamez’

Washington State University: Margo Tamez page
Author: Washington State University
Type: authorbio
Description: Margo Tamez’ personal statement and research interests page from the GRACe Project of Washington State University.

URL: http://libarts.wsu.edu/grace/about/detail.asp?id=108

Books by Margo Tamez:

Tamez, Margo. Alleys and Allies
Saddle Tramp Press, 1992.
Genre: Poetry
Language: English
Audience: Adult

Tamez, Margo. Naked Wanting
University of Arizona Press, 2003.
Genre: Poetry
Language: English
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 0816522480

Tamez, Margo. Raven Eye (Sun Tracks)
Tucson, AZ : University of Arizona Press, 2007.
Genre: Poetry
Language: English
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 081652565X

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