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Who Is William Sanders?

A question frequently asked in SF and other circles. Well, actually the wording tends to be more along the lines of, “Who the hell does William Sanders think he is?” . . . but never mind.

One sort of answer might be: “William ‘Sundown’ Sanders is a 64-year-old redbone hillbilly who lives in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, in a little old rock house, along with his dog Judy. He rides around on a big old motorcycle and does not own a car. Sometimes he fools with guns. He probably drinks too much – “

But who, after all, cares? Better to define myself by what I do: I am a writer.

Or rather by what I did up until quite recently: I am a retired writer, of books and stories and occasional other literary efforts. That was all I did, occupation-wise, for the last about thirty years. In that time I published a score of books and numerous short works, won a couple of awards and got nominated for several others, drew a certain amount of critical attention, and (I’d like to think) wrote a few things that a few people enjoyed reading.

I’ve been best known for speculative fiction (aka SF; not “sci-fi”, please); but I’ve also done mysteries and suspense thrillers and various other things, including straight history. I put this in for the benefit of those who consider categories and classifications important.


Books by William Sanders:

Sanders, William. Are We Having Fun Yet?
Wildside Press, 2005.
Genre: Fiction
Language: English
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 1587157098

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