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Kim Shuck is a poet, weaver, educator, doer of piles of laundry, planter of seeds, traveler and child wrangler. She was born in her mother’s hometown of San Francisco, one hill away from where she now lives. Her ancestors were and are Tsalagi and Polish, for the most part.

Kim received a Master of Fine Arts degree in weaving in 1998 from San Francisco State University. As a poet Kim has read her work around the United States. In late summer and fall of 2005 she toured through Jordan with a group of poets from many countries in the interest of peace and communication.

Shuck has read her work on her local radio. She is co-curator of the Spoken Word Series of the Native American Cultural Center. Kim sat for a time on the board of directors for California Poets in the Schools.


Books by Kim Shuck:

Shuck, Kim. Smuggling Cherokee
Greenfield Review Press, 2006.
Genre: Poetry
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0878861460

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