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Lionel Little Eagle Pinn, aka Kitpoviosee, is a member of the First Nations people, Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia, Canada. He is also profoundly proud of his German, English, French and African American heritage but when ask he refers to himself as a “Earth Citzen” first. During the last 45 years he has worked closely with Indigenous peoples throughout the county and entire world on various ceremonial, nature and earth related subjects and programs. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Wisdom of Elders, Inc and on the Advisory Board for the Turtle Mountian Story Tellers and the Native American Music Awards. He currently lives in Napavine, WA with his wife, Hilda Kumpf Pinn. – by Lionel Little Eagle


Online resources by or about Lionel Little Eagle:

Lionel Little Eagle – MySpace.com
Author: Little Eagle, Lionel
Type: etext
Description: Mi’kmaq (First Nations) author Lionel Little Eagle Pinn (a.k.a. Kitpoviosee) produces this MySpace page to promote his book Greengrass Pipe Dancers as well as his family and his Native American heritage.

URL: http://www.myspace.com/ggpd

Books by Lionel Little Eagle:

Little Eagle, Lionel. Greengrass Pipe Dancers: Crazy Horse’s Pipe Bag and a Search for Healing
Happy Camp, CA : Naturegraph Publishers, 2000.
Genre: Nonfiction
Language: English
Audience: All Ages
ISBN: 978-0879612504

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