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Thomas Canter is part Blackfoot, part Cherokee, and part Caucasian. He was an Army Green Beret for ten years. He served in Vietnam as a combat engineer. During his time in Special Forces, he served as the senior engineer demolitions expert, operations
and intelligence sergeant and as a team sergeant. He also served
as the chief instructor for the Sapper Leader School at Fort
Leonard Wood, Missouri. In a period of three months, he was shot, hung by his static line outside of a C-130 aircraft, and survived a helicopter crash.

He never claimed his Indian heritage while in the military. He always marked the box "Caucasian." Since his retirement from the Army, he has started to get back to his roots. He has a sweat lodge, and he and his wife have gained a spirituality from his discovery of his Native American heritage.

After his retirement he taught JROTC to high school students. He currently lives in Missouri
with his wife and two daughters where he has become a house dad.


Books by Thomas J. Canter:

Canter, Thomas J.. Indian Giver
Minneapolis, MN : Kirk House Publishers.
Genre: Fiction
Language: English
Audience: All Ages
ISBN: 1-933794-11-9

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