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Rose Johnson-Tsosie
, 1950-


Rose Johnson-Tsosie and her twin sister were born in 1950 to a 13 year-old Navajo girl who unknowingly gave up her parental rights. The girls were adopted by a loving family, and Rose later returned to the same Navajo community as a missionary, where she found her birth mother and was able to re-connect with traditional Navajo ways of life.

Rose has dedicated much time as a keynote speaker, seminar workshop leader; and inspirational speaker at various youth detention centers, schools, churches, and civic groups.

In 2002, Rose was diagnosed with Diabetes and Glaucoma. After six surgeries, and 98% peripheral vision loss, she is an advocate on health issues such as diabetic complications, blindness and neuropathy.


Online resources by or about Rose Johnson-Tsosie:

Finding Helen: A Navajo Miracle
Author: Johnson-Tsosie, Rose
Type: authorbio
Description: Official website for Finding Helen: A Navajo Miracle and for Navajo author Rose Johnson-Tsosie.

URL: http://www.findinghelen.com

Books by Rose Johnson-Tsosie:

Johnson-Tsosie, Rose. Finding Helen: A Navajo Miracle
Bluewater Publishing, 2008.
Genre: Autobiography
Language: English
Audience: All Ages
ISBN: 978-1934610237

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