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John Lynch Adair
, 1828-1896


Adair was born in Georgia, where he lived until 1839, when he left during the forced removal of Cherokees from that state. He was educated at the Ozark Institution in Arkansas. After a trip to gold-rush California in 1849, Adair returned to Arkansas and eventually served in the Civil War. After the war, Adair settled in the Cherokee Nation and served as a clerk to the Cherokee Senate, a land surveyor, on the board of education, and edited the Cherokee Advocate, the official newspaper of the Cherokee Nation.


Books by John Lynch Adair:

Adair, John Lynch. Compiled Laws of the Cherokee Nation
Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation : National Advocate Print, 1881.
Genre: Reference
Language: Cherokee and English
Audience: Adult

Adair, John Lynch. Constitution and Laws of the Cherokee Nation
Parsons, KS : The Foleyr’y Printing Co., 1893.
Genre: Reference
Language: English and Cherokee
Audience: Adult

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