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Hyemeyohsts (Wolf) Storm
, 1935-


Hyemeyohsts Storm was born in Lame Deer, Montana and was raised on the Cheyenne and Crow reservations. Storm attended Eastern Montana College in Billings. His first publication of Seven Arrows stirred a widespread controversy regarding the accuracy in Native American fiction and the rights of Native American authors to represent and intrepret tribal religion without tribal authorization.


Online resources by or about Hyemeyohsts (Wolf) Storm:

A Conversation with Hyemeyohsts Storm and Swan Storm
Author: The Monthly Aspectarian
Type: authorbio
Description: Interview with Hyemeyohsts Storm and Swan Storm from the May 1997 issue of the magazine The Monthly Aspectarian.

URL: http://www.lightworks.com/MonthlyAspectarian/1997/May/0597-08.html

He Never Cries Wolf
Author: Sarah Phelan
Type: authorbio
Description: Article about Storm from the 9/12/96 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

URL: http://www.metroactive.com/papers/cruz/09.12.96/native-9637.html

Hyemeyohsts (Wolf) Storm
Author: Hyemeyohsts (Wolf) Storm
Type: authorbio
Description: Official site for the author. Includes an extensive biography, information on his books, and his touring schedule.

URL: http://www.hyemeyohstsstorm.com/

Hyemeyohsts Storm
Author: Daniel Redwood
Type: authorbio
Description: Interview with Hyemeyohsts Storm by Daniel Redwood, D.C.


Books by Hyemeyohsts (Wolf) Storm:

Storm, Hyemeyohsts (Wolf). Lighteningbolt
New York : Ballantine Books, 1994.
Genre: Biography

Storm, Hyemeyohsts (Wolf). Seven arrows
New York : Harper & Row, 1972.
ISBN: 0060141344

Storm, Hyemeyohsts (Wolf). Song of Heyoehkah
San Francisco : Harper & Row, 1981.
ISBN: 0064520005

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