Raven Eye (Sun Tracks)

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Raven Eye (Sun Tracks) by Margo Tamez

Tamez, Margo. Raven Eye (Sun Tracks)
Tucson, AZ : University of Arizona Press, 2007.
Genre: Poetry
Language: English
Audience: Adult
ISBN: 081652565X

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La Bloga: Review of Margo Tamez’ Naked Wanting and Raven Eye
Type: bookreview
Description: La Bloga is a team of writers who blog about Latino, Latina, Chicano, and Chicana writers and their works. Here the staff reviews Margo Tamez’ poetry anthologies Naked Wanting and Raven Eye. Included are Tamez’ poems “My Mother Returns to Calaboz” and “Ceremony of Peyote”.

URL: http://labloga.blogspot.com/2007/04/raven-eye-naked-wanting-and-her-sacred.html

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