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Hawaiian Native

Hawaiian Native

Alani Apio

Patrick Ka’ano’i

Lilikala Kame’eleihiwa

Noenoe K. Silva

Haunani-Kay Trask

Online resources about the Hawaiian Native

Hawai’i – Independent & Sovereign Nation-State
Author: Hawaii Nation
Type: tribal
Description: “This World Wide Web service is offered to provide information regarding the restoration of the independence of Hawai`i, along with cultural perspectives from her people.”

URL: http://hawaii-nation.org/

Hawaiian Sovereignty Elections Council
Author: Hawaiian Sovereignty Elections Council
Type: tribal
Description: This site is now an archive of the activities of the Hawaiian Soveriegnty Elections Council. It holds news articles, letters, legal and historical documents, many dating from the 1800s. It also provides links to activist groups continuing the movement for an independent Hawaii.

URL: http://planet-hawaii.com/hsec/

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