Money Management for Kids and Teens

This pathfinder is designed to help kids and teens find authoritative information about earning, saving, budgeting and managing money. Also included is information for parents to help their children learn how to manage money.

Internet Resources

A. G. Edwards: Kids Financial Games and Activities
Sponsored by A.G. Edwards, a division of Wachovia Securities, LLC., this website contains financial games and activities for ages 2 through 10.

ING DIRECT’S Planet Orange

Interactive game for kids ages 4 through 8 to teach them to learn, spend and invest money. Includes parent’s guide and links to other resources.

Institute of Consumer Financial Education
Saving, spending and credit information for both children and their parents.

“KidsBank.com™ is a tutorial website sponsored by Sovereign Bank that explains the fundamentals of money and banking to children. KidsBank.com™ was developed to provide parents with an informative and fun place to bring their children for answers to money-related questions.”

Kiplinger.com: Money Smart Kids
Website sponsored by the popular investment journal Kiplinger’s contains articles written for teens about investing, college savings, credit cards and many other financial topics.

MoneyInstructor.com: Kids
This website is a guide for parents to teach their children and teens about money, personal finance, allowances, earning money, and starting their own businesses. Includes games and activities, lesson plans, worksheets and additional resources.

NEFE High School Financial Planning Program

Sponsored by the National Endowment for Financial Education, this website has games, tools, calculators, and articles to help teens learn about money.

Practical Money Skills for Life
Provides parent activities for teaching money skills to children from preschool through high school.

Print Resources

To search for books in your local or school library, the following call numbers should be referred to as they relate to Money Management, Budgeting, and Personal Finance:

Dewey Decimal Classification System

Library of Congress Classification System


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Young Adult

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This pathfinder was created by Marg Dube for Dr. Eileen Abels Info 780 Course at Drexel University, Spring, 2008.