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General Information

We have designed this guide to help you find information about model railroading using Internet and/or print resources. The scope of this pathfinder includes only model railroad cars and layout design. It does not include general rail-fan information. Please note that this pathfinder is not intended to be an exhaustive list; rather, we hope it can serve as a useful starting point for IPL visitors wishing to find quality information about the model railroading.

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Print Sources

Basic Model Railroading: Getting Started in the Hobby ed. by Kent J. Johnson, 1998
This source gives a good general overview of how to assemble the electric components as well as how to design and create scenery for a layout.

Model Railroader magazine
Also available online at http://www.modelrailroader.com/
This magazine has long been recognized as a leading source for information on model railroading. It is published monthly, with articles that focus on particular strategies for designing and building layouts as well as pictorials and corresponding schematics for recommended layouts. The Web presence for the magazine, listed above, includes some of its useful classified ad sources.

Railroad Model Craftsman magazine
Also available online at http://www.rrmodelcraftsman.com/
Another traditional source of great ideas for layouts and design, also published monthly. Again, the Web site for the magazine offers many book, calendar, and videos for sale as well as an alphabetized list of Internet links.

303 Tips for Detailing Model Railroad Scenery and Structures by Dave Frary and Bob Hayden, 1995
More specific to trackside layout than cars and electricity, this book is part of a larger series of books published by Kalmbach Publishing Company, the publishers of Model Railroader magazine.

Search Strategies:

While magazines generally provide the best information, you could also try searching your local library’s catalog. Following are some recommended subject headings to be used when searching library databases for books about model railroading.

Library of Congress (LC) The Library of Congress Classification System is used by most college and university libraries in the US to organize materials. Recommended LC subject heading for model railroading:

  • Subclass TF — Railroad Engineering and Operation

Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) The Dewey Decimal Classification is used by most public libraries. Recommended DDC call number for model railroading:

  • 625 — Engineering of railroads, roads

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Internet Resources

Hotbox North Central Region site
This web page serves the North Central Region of the National Model Railroad Association, offering links to layout tours, model building plans and tips, and back issues of Hotbox magazine.

trainweb.com Model Railroading site
This site offers a comprehensive list of model railroading commercial sites, publications, organizations, and personal pages. It also offers a search tool for finding model railroading information on the site or Internet.

Cybertrains.org links page.
This links page hosted by Cybertrains.com includes descriptions and ratings of the sites it provides.

Long known for its large, thorough catalog of model railroad cars and trackside scenery, the Walthers Internet site offers updates on new releases and suggestions on components for making a great layout.

The Model Train Magazine Index.
This site provides listings of magazines about model railroading according to scale/gauge and facilitates searches by criteria such as category, keyword, roadplan, and trackplan. A great site for finding a layout to fit your space.

deja.com listing for rec.models.railroad.
The deja.com Web site provides a summary of the latest messages posted this forum for discussing model railroading concerns. Visitors can post new messages and respond to existing questions.

Model Railroads
http://directory.google.com/Top/Recreation/Models/Railroad/> This page in the Google subject directory can be reached by following this path: Google Web Directory > Recreation > Models > Railroad. No attempt is made to evaluate site content, but it is a good place to find numerous sites related to model railroading.

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Major Associations

The following association offers membership and great links for model railroading. If you have more questions about the topic, these associations can offer useful information.

National Model Railroad Association
NMRA Kalmbach Memorial Library Research Desk, 4121 Cromwell Road, Chattanooga, TN 37421-2119 Phone: (423) 894-8144, Fax: (423) 899-4869, Email: Lib@hq.nmra.org

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